Padmavat Heads For A Huge Number On Republic Day

Padmavat Republic Day Box Office Collections - Udta Social Official

Padmaavat is heading for a huge second day where the film could go towards the 30 crore nett mark. The 25 crore nett mark will be crossed for sure on Friday. The film has the huge national holiday growth on top things are a bit calmer in places like UP and Haryana and more places are playing the film in the former.

Bangalore will have a full day today whereas yesterday it was limited so on the collections till afternoon 50% growth is certain and this could go to 60-70% which would take it near 30 crore nett. There will still be around 23-25% of the market missing on day two but that is better than the 30-32% missing on day one.

There is still a long way for the film to go due to the huge costs and it not being able to optimum business due to the bans and protests but its very much possible that the film would have notched up around 50 crore in two days plus the paid previews and with Saturday and Sunday to come.

These are good numbers and very good if we allow for the fact that the film is not playing in some states. The real value of the 50 crore is probably around 65 crore.