चीन में Secret Superstar का धमाका, 200 करोड़ पार!

Secret Superstar Extraordinary Monday In China - Crosses 200 Crore - Udta Social Official

Secret Superstar had an extraordinary hold in China as it is set to gross around $5 million on Monday. The film had grossed $6.78 million on day one which is a minimal drop from the first day. The total business of the film in China is $32.25 million after four days.

This equates to INR 205 crore in four days. The film could go anywhere in China and although the Dangal number is $193 million is far away and looks tough as that film had an unbelievable trend. But on the other hand the way Secret Superstar has collected till date you cant write off the Dangal number yet.

The four day business details of Secret Superstar in China is as follows.



Gross – $6,780,000

Screen Avg – $324.34

Screenings – 55,666

Footfalls – 1,579,268


Gross – $10,500,000

Screen Avg – $469.76

Screenings – 61,391

Footfalls – 2,284,275


Gross – $9,870,000

Screen Avg – $427.75

Screenings – 63,855

Footfalls – 2,115,748

Monday (Not Final Figures)

Gross – $5,000,000 apprx

Screen Avg – $213.27

Screenings – 61,876

Footfalls – 1,072,716




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